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SEVA is in the field of commercial cleaning Services for more than 19 years till now. SEVA is the market leaders in commercial cleaning throughout the Maharashtra. Our experienced and dedicated team towards our customer allows us to understand their requirement & nuances which come across.

We provide them various types of commercial cleaning services. We have the experience to work with companies of all sizes across numerous industries, from sole traders to multinational corporations.

Further we understand an office environment needs to be kept clean not only to have a good reputation among their customer & competitor but also get out the best of their employees. As employee satisfaction is one of the major issue that an organization needs to handle. This adds on the reputation of the company.

Different professional services we provide for our customer:

Cleaning Services in Gymnasiums: Today healthcare is given a top priority by everyone. Most of individuals like to go for gymnasium for their fitness. Thus in order to keep them fit we consider that these gymnasium should be kept in proper hygienic condition. Our cleaning professional are well trained in keeping sports and leisure facilities such as gymnasiums in excellent condition and ensure that they are hygienic so that all visitors to your gym or leisure center can have a pleasant experience.

Office Space Cleaning Service:Working in an untidy environment is a nuance for anyone. It is a matter of fact that a clean & tidy office environment helps companies to be more productive. Spending a small amount on cleaning facilityindicates the professionalism of company towards their employee. Everyone who is associated with your company can feel proud that they are workingwith a professional organization in everything organization performs.

Event Cleaning Services:Under event cleaning services we take all responsibility of maintain a single room conferences& places attached with it where people attending the conference might go even for a moment. We also take care that the invited guest might not migrate to different location if it is a large-scale public gatherings, we provide cleaning services before, during and after a range of events, ensuring that the venue is kept in prime condition at every step of the process.

Cleaning of Pubs & Restaurant: The pubs and restaurants genuinely requires a regular cleaning of the place as these places are subjected to health and safety inspections. The regular visit of people at these places make them more prone to untidiness. Our professional executive make sure that yours will exceed the cleanliness standards demanded of such businesses.

Ventilation cleaning: We believe that ventilation must be properly cleaned at a regular basis. As this can easily have dirt, dust & debris. If not cleaned properly it can become hazardous to the people residing in those commercial property.

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