Wood Borer Management

Wood Borer Management

Your home have different types of wooden material in your household. You might have noticed pin sized holes in the wooden areas of your home. These wooden material work as host to wood Borer Pest in your house. If you are not able to identify them at early stage they are able to multiply and damage all your household wooden items. The term wood borer is used in broad sense used to describe many types of wood boring beetles, each unique in appearance and behavior. At their larval stage, they are known as a woodworm, they feed off and destroy wood materials. As the beetles are of different types they feed on different types of wood but the source of food is only wood.

In natural environment they play an important role: they serve as natural recyclers, they feast on dead. They are well known as natural grim reaper, collecting dead trees and ushering them into the lifebeyond. They are more of nuisance in our homes as they are able to destroy our beautiful wooden craft into powder of wood. Over that you cannot blame them as they mistakenly assume our beautiful wooden furniture is dead wood which needs a visit from death.

Chemicals Trestment

Under Wood Borer Chemical treatment our professional first try to find oud the small holes in the wooden materials of your home. After identifying these holes they inject chemicals that will kill the king, other beetles and the larva which is rooting in the wooden material. This is done by either injecting injection in those holes or chemical spray on wooden material.

Powdered Trestment

Powder treatment is used by house holders by them self in order to control this in much cheaper way but, as said above even few of such can multiply into thousand.


With the help of Wood Borer pest control treatment we are able to save of precious wooden material of our household. We can preserve them for longer period of time with little investment in controlling pests that could easily destroy them.


We need to keep food item or utensils relating to them away from the use of food and eatable products. As this can easily cause damage to our digestive system.

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