Rodent Management


Rodent pest control is a major issue that every homeowners have to tackle with. These rodent can easily be found at your home. There are three types of commensal rodents are the House Mouse, the Norway Rat, and the Roof Rat.Ratsare common diseases carrier capable of contaminating fresh food and cause structural damage to your house. They have strong jaws and teeth capable of gnawing their way through barriers with their powerful front teeth. These rodents can easily and closely exist with humans due to their food, water & shelter. Humans are able to provide a perfect living conditions for the rodents. They are capable of surviving and multiplying quickly.

When you are trying to control rodent, the first step in this is to eliminate or control their supply of food, water and shelter provisions due which they co-exist near humans. This step might help you out in controlling the pest a little but as said above it can multiply quickly and have good surviving capacity. Make sure that even the wasted food material is also dumped properly.

Chemical Treatment

According to the availability of type of rodent in your house the chemical treatment is done on based on that factor. There are various compounds that are used to eliminate the pest from your home Zinc phosphide, Barium chloride, Red squill, Thallium sulphate are some of the compounds which have been used as rodent killer.

New technique to kill these uninvited guest in your house and to overcome limitations and hazardous effect of acute rodenticides, where in multiple dose of poison is given to therodents, they are called single dose anti-coagulants or second generation anti-coagulants.

Mechanical Treatment

At SEVA we do proper analysis to correctly identify the mouse pest and develop a treatment plan. In order to create an effective and efficient plan to eliminate these species causing the problems. In this most important factor to figure out is whether the pest mice are living inside or outside the structure and where they are going in order to feed. Knowing this will help your plan of action an effective implementation of treatment plan. Once our professional is prepared with the plan to seal the entry and exit of these pest.


Rat are well known disease carrier. The scratches made by rodent can result in disease and rat-bite fever. Different diseases like plague, leptospirosis, which can result in liver and kidney damage. These disease can cause loss of life. Using rodent management against you are helping yourself & your family from various diseases.


Please ask your service provide or pest controller the different measure they should take care off in order be away from chemicals.

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