Prophylactic Treatment

Prophylactic Treatment

Prophylactic Treatment is done in warehouse where food grains are storage. After storing of food grains in ware house such a treatment with approved pesticide in alleyways, on the surface of gunny bags and on walls of warehouses reduces the chances of more breeding and multiplication of these insects before periodical fumigation activity is carried out.

Why Prophylactic Treatment is done?

SEVA experts understand these pests &your requirement properly. At SEVA we use the best technology available in the world to control these pests. With giving such treatment we also intend to help out the society at large by preventing stored grain insect pests from cross infesting the food grains stored in open plinths / open sheds / godowns / silo's etc.

How is this done?

Prophylactic treatment is done in two steps. Under the 1st step, treatment is done only for external part of all premises at each location. In this spray is done that can cover a band of 2 meters i.e one meter wide floor and one meter high wall sides. This helps the in avoiding the crawling insect pests from coming inside the premises. 2nd spray over the food grain bags.

Spraying the door

Doors are the main source of entrance for insect which maneuver around the warehouse. Thus it become highly necessary to treat this part of the warehouse. The doors are to be properly inspected as there should not be any gap between doors and the walls. If there is any such gap it needs to be blocked properly. Then the spray treatment of 2 meter around the walls.

window frames

Though very few warehouse need to have windows but still the one which do have window needs to be treated properly. Similar to the doors it needs to inspected properly. The pesticide is then sprayed 2 meter wide.


The main advantage is that with the help of Prophylactic Treatment we are able to protect our food grains which get exposed to insect. This help increasing the output of food material grown in the country which adds in to the GDP of the country. Infected food may can cause harm to you if insect can eat it.


The disadvantage of using pesticide is, if it is not done properly it might affect the food or allow pesticide in it.

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