Mosquito Management

Mosquito Management

Mosquito Pest are major source of diseases caused all over the world. Every Year millions of people die due to presence of these creature. They attack your home at evening time. The swarm of this pests might force yourself ducking. We use mosquito spray to reduce the effect. But this is cannot avoid these uninvited mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are not only irritating they’re also very dangerous pest among all. Their eggs can survive even at a temperature of 0oF. They can easily develop around still & fresh water. The diseases caused by mosquitoes are on the rise. They are not only harmful for your health, the health of your pets. Living in town we can have more control over the mosquito but in rural areas where agriculture is the basic working area mosquito has got a natural habitat. So in order to keep our family and pets secured we need to keep pest control around us.


Mosquito pro pump & motor are generally used in household by their owners to kill mosquito. This is an assembled device pump & motor connected with reservoir along with circuit board along with it. This acts as storage of pesticide. This pumps out pyrethrum chemical which is an effective solution to remove cockroach. The same is also used on high scale by the professional which is connected through pipe which sprays at different area.


Mosquito Pro nozzle sprayis an effective way to eliminate mosquitoes and many other insects.This is a natural chemical used as insecticide called Pyrethrum. It is a setup built in timer to go on at active mode of mosquito activity, in this way you kill them quickly, and after two weekshave interrupted their breeding cycle. With the rise in temperature sun hits the chemical it degenerates and is gone making for a happy & safe, pest free environment with a low residual chemical application. It is made of a low-profile tank that can be assembled outside your home, connected to hoses with a series of nozzles.


Mosquito are the major source of disease caused not only in India but also worldwide. Mosquito have become a big threat to your life. They spread and cause many diseases. Mosquito bites can cause several diseases and irritate the skin long after you have initially been bitten. By applying pesticide against them you can safe guard your family.


More often use of mosquito replant does not help your cause for long term. While taking services of professional please do ask for the thing to take care of in order not to get effected with the pesticide used in eliminating them.

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