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Industrial cleaning sites is probably one of the most difficult jobs. A there are various facilities a building service contractor is likely to encounter.

In no sense industrial cleaning is a white color job. There are types of challenges that an industrial cleaner needs to take care about. The risk of cleaning around heavy machinery, lubricants, paint, fiberglass and metal shavings.

Industrial environments can get to the same level of dirtiness quickly, and no business can wait for long time just for cleaning purpose.

The job site needs to clean up quickly. Here the time is money, and the margin of error is very small.” In such an industry the employee staffing is a huge problem as it is highly labored task.

In industrial cleaning it should also be noted different types of machinery are to be used in cleaning them. And all such expenses are to be borne by the contacted company.

It’s a highly competitive industry and need to have quality workers.

The Initial Planning

SEVA has unmanned cleaning services to handle the simplest of cleaning tasks to the most complex industrial tank cleaning jobs. Under industrial cleaning services that can help you to reduce your disposal costs and get your tank back into operation quicker.

Vacuuming Services:

SEVA understands that some machinery needs to collect your wet or dry material. We have well trained employees with modern, versatile fleet of mobile vacuum units enable us to achieve the maximum level of efficiency - saving you time whilst also reducing your costs.

Equipment Cleaning:

There are several machines in industrial circuit that operate for over 24 hours & require regular cleaning to prevent rust and have a longer life. In order to maintain your plant and process systems in top operating condition which is critical to operating at maximum efficiency and controlling your operational costs.

“ Save Time. Save Money. Save Yourself! Life’s Too Short to Clean Your Own Home ”

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