Bird Netting

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SEVA is a licensed and insured Bird Controllers that work in the state of Maharashtra with the Indian pest control standards and include a no-quibble guarantee with every service. We provide general birds that are found near the premises of birds away from your home or workplace.Different methods usedin bird netting are Bird Nets, Anti-Bird Spikes or Post & Wire Systems designed-tospecification. For this purpose we properly carry out the design and layout of the property where bird netting has to be performed. The proper layout plan from our professional allows them to implement an effective long-term solution and include a deep clean with every Bird Proofing service – without fail.

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Our Services

We are major leaders of this industry in Maharashtra. We have specialized our field through continuous effort of sustaining 19+ years in this industry. By the help of our R&D we have minimized the expense on the side of our customer.

Residential Bird Netting

Bird netting is done in buildings or homesand has importance now as with the passing days.Specially in urban areas where trees are being cut down to build more residential apartment’s and industrial areas. This has let down in the space for the birds for shelter. The result is they now are trying to co-exist with humans. Under this pigeons or other birds avoided to enter our beautiful homes. These birds can also cause different types of diseases.

Bird netting in homes or buildings is performed bycreating a barrier between the entrance source of these birds. Windows & balcony are sealed with steel wire or plastic according to the requirement of the customer. Even the ventilation are also sealed properly in order that they can’t enter from there.

Industrial Bird Netting

With years of experience in this field industrial bird netting with different industries, with the knowledge gained with every passing year we provide top class industrial bird netting service. It is really important that birds netting should be done properly as these beautiful creature has every possibility to harm them self by the industrial pollution or getting stuck in big machinery.

However the solution available as bird netting services in Pune. At SEVA we take proper precaution that your industry will be highly secured by the pigeons and all other types of birds in a way that your work place will become a completely safe environment for your workers and employees.

Society Bird Netting

Pigeons and other birds create nuance to the cleanliness of a society. Presence of these birds around us, in terrace, balcony, pipes when are present create lot of unhygienic living conditions for the people living in the society. These birds enter inside the house, they have adapted to our living environment they feed on our food and other places which can be very unhygienic.

The society must keep in mind that the garbage of the society is properly dumped in a place as these are the main factor that attract birds towards the society. Society bird netting is also done by wiring the walls of the society. A proper drainage system is also required in the society so that they do not enter the society premises for water or food.

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Why We Need Bird Netting???

Bird Proofing is done in society by applying spokes at different places in society. Here is the list of such places:
Air Conditioners: Bird proofing is done around air conditioner so as to bird getting harmed by the fan of the air conditioner. As they
Window Ledges: Birds generally sit around window ledges and relax. But, at times they lay eggs at those places and in order to stop them such a precaution is done.
CCTV Cameras: The birds can cause damage to costly CCTV installed.
Railings&Sign Boards: This is a common place from where birds can fall and die so it is done here.
Chimneys: Birds can get into your house through chimney and can harm them self.
There are different reasons due to which a building should be protected from bird netting.
1. Airport: Airport all over the world need to be protected from the birds as they can cause huge damage if they crash with
2. Historic Buildings: Historic buildings are an asset to every country. These historic places is a source of revenue for any country. As they can use them as tourism destination. But, birds are able to damage the beauty of such buildings & increase their maintenance cost.
3. Medical Center: Hospital or nurseries providing medical facility should be kept out in getting contact with birds. This can be hazardous to the patient visiting there.
4. Restaurant & Hotel: Restaurant & Hotel business is all about making their customer happy with their services. Though these services are the point of attraction for them they can cause damage to building appearance.
In India farmers generally use scarecrows to protect their grown harvests from pesky birds. These bird are the reason behind billions of crop loss each year.
We use the latest technology to get rid of these birds. In this speakers are used to send out a directional buzzing noise — a sonic shield — to keep feathered pests away from farm fields as well as tall buildings.
Though birds are beautiful natural creature. But, a second fact is they can be very dangerous as well for human beings. Pigeons & others birds which stay around us can cause serious damage to our apartment.
These birds can quite literally cover your home with filthy droppings. Their droppings not only stink bad but at the same time they also carry dangerous bacteria, toxic chemicals and spores.


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