Bed Bug Management

Bed Bug Management

Bed Bug Spray treatment is hone for in-house purpose. At SEVA we have such spray which is very effective in eliminating these creepy creature. You can use bed bug pest spray available in market but, self-eradicating it might not be 100% successful in doing this.

In addition to this you must to this should not be used in place where you or your pests sleep. As this can affect your health. Proper Professionals who are well trained to eliminate them from your house. This might cost you a bit higher in price. But will provide you proper satisfying result.

Bed Bugs Spray Treatment

Bed Bugs are often misunderstood with the fact that these pest are found in bed or bed mattress. Just removal of the infected mattress will not resolve the problem. Professionals of this field have found not to treat the bed and mattress with pesticides unless you trade in that product. At SEVA we use only those chemicals which are allowed to be used to treat beds by the government of India.

Bed Bugs Gel Treatment

Bed bug mattress treatment done by professionals by using high pressure vacuum cleaner. They use high standard electrical vacuum cleaners for this purpose. Using portable vacuum cleaner are not that effective.


Proper Identification: The professional of the field are able properly identify the areas infected to gauge the issue.

In order to effectively remove these pests from your life you might end up applying more pesticides than you actually need. We use pesticides safe for the kids and your pets.


Even though pest used by us are safe or use as pesticide one always need to remember that any type of chemical are not good for our health.

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